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Operate your music, lights, temperature, shades or any other connected system with touchscreen home control. 

Modern homes and offices offer an amazing amount of functionality and comfort compared to even 10 years ago. But those benefits come at the cost of complexity with many different systems all using their own method to control and operate. Remote controls, on-wall thermostats, switches, and pull chains are all examples of low-tech solutions that do work but don’t work well together. In fact, the only reason they do at all is that you are the “automation system” that flips the switch or pulls the chain. It’s time for a change. Imagine having the ability to access all of these systems from a single device, custom built for your home. That’s the future of living with touchscreen home control from RTI and Effortless Electronics.

Whole House Scenes

The power of touchscreen home control is shown when you can press a button and have all of the electronics work together towards your goal. Using a lighting control system, motorized shades, whole-home music and an RTI processor, a great start to your day is almost guaranteed! Tapping the “Morning” scene on your bedroom touchpanel starts a series of events to support your routine. The hallway lights dim up to 30%, the stair LEDs gently illuminate the treads, the kitchen is lit by the time you get there, your living room shades go up to 50%, the TV turns on to your favourite channel and the sound is brought to the speakers in the kitchen ceiling. And that’s just the morning! We can also create custom scenes for entertaining, relaxing or watching a movie in your home theatre. The most satisfying, though, is the “Goodnight” scene, slowly fading the interior lights, bringing the shades down, turning off the music, patio heaters, pool lights etc. while setting the bedside lamps to the perfect reading brightness.

Live Monitoring

With instant two-way feedback on your RTI touchscreen, you can quickly see the status of your connected house. Check if the lights in the kids’ room are still on, which rooms currently have music playing in them, if your sprinklers have finished their scheduled run, or confirm that all doors and windows and the alarm is armed. Swipe to the surveillance page and view your yard and exterior in full HD or answer the door with a video intercom system. And with the RTI Control app, you can also have this peace of mind from anywhere in the world.

Designed For Your Home

The best part about custom touchscreen home control is that it is crafted with you, your family and your home in mind. With your input and being part of the build process from the start, we can consult with the other contractors to ensure everything you hope for is achieved. If your day starts in the ensuite, with music in the shower, perhaps the perfect place for an RTI KX3 is there. Maybe the hub of the house is the open concept kitchen/living room where an RTI KA11 touchscreen could be mounted flush on the wall at a central location. Or the RTI KA11 might reside on the kitchen countertop or on the desk in your home with the optional table stand. It’s up to you!

Installation by Effortless Electronics

With the full-service option from Effortless Electronics, you can be assured that process of integrating touchscreen home control into your home will be as close to effortless as possible. We can help you with the complete process, ensuring that the end result is exactly what you expect.  Reach out today and let’s get started!

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