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Convenience, security and energy savings at the touch of a button.

Transform your home or office with the power of smart lighting control. In today’s homes, having multiple layers of light is recognized for playing an important role in creating a comfortable space. In addition to general illumination, using specific layers such as task lighting on your kitchen counters can ensure the perfect light for each area. Accent layers can highlight the art, and architectural details of your home or add a nice touch to the millwork in the office. For those middle-of-the-night trips, under-counter LEDs in the kitchen and bathrooms can provide a dim path to guide your way. Keypad-based lighting control systems give you the power to select (and dim) these scenes so you can always enjoy your home in the best possible light.


A lighting control system from Lutron in your home can make your life a whole lot simpler. Instead of flipping 5 or 6 switches on your way to the kitchen to drop off your groceries after arriving at your house, a single button at the front door labelled “Home” can light the way to the most common areas and start some gentle music. A button beside your bed named “Goodnight” can slowly fade the bedroom lights to a reading level, while turning off the lights and lowering the window shades in the rest of the house. Even more convenient, an “Away” button can turn off all of your lights, close the motorized shades and turn off your Sonos whole-home music player as you leave.

All of these scenes are available from the Sunnata keypad, an RTI touchscreen or you can activate them on your way home from work with the Lutron mobile app.


At sunset each day, your exterior and landscape lights slowly fade on according to a schedule you create in the mobile app. At 1 am, those same landscape lights can turn off automatically, saving energy when they are not needed. Vacation mode can be set so that when you are out of town, your home will mimic the same weekday and weekend lighting patterns as if you were at home. If you hear a sound in the middle of the night, a keypad button can be programmed to turn on all of your exterior lights at once.

Peace of Mind…And Body

For higher-end homes, or customers looking for the ultimate in aesthetics and style, Vantage Luxury Controls offers a unique approach to maximizing lighting comfort. Born from research into human circadian rhythms, Vantage uses tunable colour LED fixtures to reproduce the different colour temperatures of the sun throughout the cycle of a day. Learning from the way this natural “clock” aligns our sleep and wakefulness with day and night, you can use a vibrant cool light for supporting alertness in the morning and afternoon while using a calming golden glow to help our body wind down and prepare for a great nights sleep. All at your fingertips from an EasyTouch keypad, Equinox touchscreen or Vantage mobile app.

Check out more information about the Vantage Controls LHUMAN system here.

Installation by Effortless Electronics

With the full-service option from Effortless Electronics, you can be assured that your Lutron or Vantage lighting control system will be designed, set up and commissioned for the perfect experience.  We can help you with the complete process, ensuring that the end result is exactly what you expect.  Reach out today and let’s get started!

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