Are you looking to install a custom home theatre in your house?

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If you want to have a home theatre installation in your house, and you are still in the design stage of your build, it is relatively straightforward for a qualified integrator 

On the other hand, if you are retrofitting a room in your existing house, you want someone to come to your home and install a custom home theatre effortlessly.

What are the critical parts of a custom home theatre?

  • Display Screen
  • Speakers/Subwoofer
  • Amplification/Processing
  • Source
  • Calibration

The key parts of a custom home theatre installation start with the display screen.  In a projector-based theatre, we usually use a fixed screen from <link> paired with a high-end projector from JVC. Sometimes we use a LED flatscreen but they get very pricey after 75” for anything above the entry-level models.  Depending not the size of your space, using a calculation similar to this <L>

Sound could be just as important as the video when watching a good movie and that means quality speakers from <L>.  Early home theatres were setup with 5.1 surround sound meaning there are 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer in the system. Most modern theatres have progressed to either 7.1 surround sound (adding 2 more rear speakers) or 9.1 surround sound (adding front height speakers). The diagram below shows the most common configurations.

Another key part of a system is the amplification of the sound source (?) for your speakers and the Digital Surround Processing that translates the movie soundtrack and sends them to the correct speakers. The dialogue generally goes to the center speakers, the deep thump of the helicopter rotors goes to the subwoofer(s) and the sound of a car passing you can travel from front to back on the left side, for example.

The easiest way to handle those two parts is an all-in-one audio/video receiver that comes with built-in amplification for all channels and provides Digital Surround Processing, such as one of these Marantz receivers. For higher-end home theatres, separate components can be used to handle amplification and processing separately.

home theatre installation

What can I add to my custom home theatre installation to make it even more awesome?

  • Universal Remote Control
  • Smart Lighting
  • Theatre Seating
  • Acoustic Panels
  • Power Conditioning
  • Media Enclosure

Now that we understand the critical parts of a home theatre, let’s really make it yours. One of the first and most important things you can add is a Universal Remote Control <IL>. One button to light up the screen, power up your sound system and then control your favourite source seems like a no-brainer for a modern home theatre.

Once you have a master control, the addition of smart lighting <IL> really gives you a cinematic experience. The lights will dim down when you press play and be instantly available on your remote if you need an intermission.

When you get back from intermission, drop into some extremely comfortable theatre seating from <L>. Reclining in style as you enjoy the show with refreshment by your side is the ultimate satisfaction.

There are some other additions that, while hidden, really contribute to making your home theatre performer. Acoustic panels on the walls from local company Prime Acoustic help absorb any conflicting sound reflections, ensuring that you can hear even the quietest whisper.

To protect your investment, we recommend <IL> by ? power conditioning that ensures your equipment is being fed with clean power and protected from surges.

And speaking of hidden, to really clean up a theatre room and allow for easy future maintenance, a concealed media enclosure <IL> is always a good idea.

What are the steps to a custom home theatre installation?

  • Consultation/Design/Budget
  • Equipment Ordering
  • Prewire
  • Finishing
  • Enjoyment!!

Do you feel like you have a better understanding about home theatres than you did before you clicked on this page? We hope so. Now let’s learn how the actual installation process will go.

The first step is for us to consult with you, in person, and listen your wants and needs. With helpful advice and awareness of current trends, we can answer any questions that you may have and gather the information we will need to do a preliminary design and come up with a budget for your dream home theatre.

With your approval, we will order the equipment right away, as there may be some lead time and we want to get ahead of that. Of course, we have the prewire materials in stock and can get started on that while we wait for the larger items to arrive.

In the prewire stage, using the design created specifically for you, our professional technicians will run any wire, conduit, cables as well as consult with other trades for any specific electrical power points, millwork or ventilation that may be necessary. Speaker locations will be addressed and wood backing for mounting will be …? The goal here is to have everything ready for drywall installation and set up for an Effortless finish.

Once the dust of the other trades has cleared, and the equipment has arrived, the technicians will get started on the finishing, installing all of the components included in your home theatre. The media ensclosure (if included) will be dressed, and all of the connections terminated. Programming of any remote controls will be completed, and any final setup of the video and audio components will be dialed in.

The final step of the finishing process is testing and calibration. A thorough run through of the expected operation, including the different functions of the remote control is critical to your ultimate experience. A microphone is setup in the listener location (those comfy theatre seats!) for the audio calibration and professional test patterns are displayed on your screen to ensure that the video will be reproduced perfectly.

Then, and only then, then do we have the pleasure of presenting you with your completed home theatre installation, and

Installation by Effortless Electronics

With the full-service option from Effortless Electronics, you can be assured that ………..  We can help you with the complete process, ensuring that the end result is exactly what you expect.  Reach out today and let’s get started!

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