The Plan

If you have a custom electronics project coming up, Effortless Electronics can support you through full service, effortless completion.  Right from the first meeting, we can guide you through the discovery of your unique hopes and dreams and explain how we can help to make them come true. Following our step-by-step process, developed over years of experience, we can ensure that you always know what comes next.

The Process

Step 1: Discovery

In this initial meeting, we will listen to your needs and offer expert advice to get an understanding of what will have to be completed. For each area, a comprehensive plan will be developed, including appropriate equipment and installation considerations.

Step 2: Proposal

Using information collected from the Discovery meeting, our design team will put together a proposal, sectioned by area, which will include a budget and equipment list.

Step 3: Equipment Ordering

Upon acceptance of the proposal, we will contact our suppliers to purchase your equipment as well as any custom small parts to ensure everything will arrive for your installation schedule.

Step 4: Documentation

Once the equipment has been ordered, our team will create the document package, including room-by-room installation instructions, connection diagrams and any other types needed.

Step 5: Prewire

At a convenient time in your build process, our team will arrive at your site with the needed wire and rough in components and work with your site manager to get everything pulled and ready for drywall. Cables will be neatly managed and protected from dust and damage.

Step 6: Equipment Install

Once the drywall, millwork and any other dust-producing trim work have been completed, our technicians will deliver your new equipment and begin the installation of the larger items like TVs and amplifiers.

Step 7: Commissioning and Programming

After all painting and other final finishing work have been completed, we can install cover plates, in-ceiling speakers, network components and test the programming, if your project has any. At this point, we will be consulting with you to ensure all areas are complete to your satisfaction and noting any changes that may need to be added.

Step 8: Service and Support

This might be the most important part and where we really shine. Always just a phone call away, reach out if you have any trouble with your new system and we can get you up and running ASAP!

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