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Morgan McMillan, President and Director

Morgan McMillan has been in the custom home audio/video industry for almost 20 years.  Even before that, he showed a keen interest in car audio, creating a competition-level sound system in one of his early sports cars.  Also dabbling in home stereos and early surround sound systems as a teenager, he has been actively learning about the space for more than half of his life.

In 1999, Morgan was one of the lucky few to apply and be accepted into Hybrid Technical College, at the time the only provincially recognized Custom Audio/Video training program in Canada.  Recognized early as an extremely gifted student, after graduating Morgan was quickly hired by one of his professors, Don Von Driel of Basonic Systems, beginning a decades-long relationship with some of the most established members of the custom audio/video industry.  After 4 years of mentoring from Don, he set out on his own, starting Resolutionary Electronics systems in 2004 and continuing to sub-contract to his former professors.

As the residential custom electronics industry grew, Morgan’s knowledge and expertise grew with it.  When lighting control, automation, universal remotes, distributed audio/video and home networks filtered down from the ultra high end, he was there to witness and be a part of the evolution of what is commonplace today in the majority of new homes. 

One of the attributes that sets Morgan apart is his relentless focus on his clients’ experiences.  In 2014, to further expand his vision that custom electronics could be brought to clients in a better way, he rebranded Resolutionary Electronic Systems to Effortless Electronics Inc.  Since then, the overriding goal of the company is to live up to that name.

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