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The Project Site Address (required)

The physical address of the project.
We will use this as the reference name throughout the project.

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Who we can expect to be in communication with. Feel free to add multiple names, titles, contact details

Your Email (required)

Email will be used as our primary communication method for specific details.
If you add multiple emails here we will CC everyone you list here.

Meeting Location (required)

Generally if the framing is complete this should be the actual project site address so we can best understand the requirements of the space.
If the framing is not in place then we can meet at your office or ours, to provide you with an estimate based on your current building plans.

Meeting Time (required)

We will try to meet you at whatever time suits your schedule.
After we receive your meeting request we will send a confirmation email of the time and location.
We will also send vCards of who will be meeting you and a calendar invite via email to your email address provided.
Warning, sometimes calendar invites do not display correctly.

Phone Number

Voice and text may be occasionally used for quicker more efficient communication

Current Project Phase

This can help us understand the projects current state.

Design, Breaking ground, Framing complete, Electrical complete, Finishing has begun

What You Expect From Us

This can help us understand what you currently expect us to provide.

A complete home electronics solution in our new home.
The property is wired so we just need products and finishing install
We are planning to renovate and need some ideas for now.