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Personal Care

Your experience is what we strive to make perfect

Powerful Hardware

Your equipment is the most robust and reliable available

Flexible Control

Control of your property is just a click away using your device 

Reliable Support

Our phones are never off, when you need us we will be there


  • Mark Schulhof
    Home Owner

    The guys at Effortless Electronics have been a life saver. They are always quick to respond for any service issues. Given the amount of changes I like to make to my system, I would be in hot water with my wife if it wasn't for them.

  • Anna Jameson
    Home Owner

    When we started our project we didn't realize how many decisions we would have to make. The process was made much simpler thanks to the patience and honest opinions we received from Effortless Electronics. We were quite thankful we decided to go with them for our smart home installation.

Why Effortless Electronics?

Our Unique Brand

Keeping things simple, honest and quick is what we do. From the Estimate, through the Proposal, in the Programming, all the way to the inevitable Service Calls.  We tell it how it is.

Our Mission Statement

To make the lifestyle of the modern homeowner more effortless. We make your home automatically adapt to your daily events, so that you don’t need to take action to make your home adapt. We also consolidate interfaces to make your environment free from clutter. 

Our Value Guarantee

It's about reliability and trust.  No messing around here. Having an inconvenience caused by your home automation would defeat the purpose.  We use only professional grade hardware and skip the gimmicks.  It's all smooth sailing for you now.

Six Effortless Steps...

1. Discovery - You schedule a personal meeting with us to determine your requirements.
2. Estimate - An estimate of the system requirements and costs will be presented for your consideration.
3. Proposal - A detailed set of designs and accurate price quote for you to approve.
4. Prewire -Once design and budget have been approved, installing the physical infrastructure will begin.
5. Install - As soon as the dust has cleared, equipment is delivered and installed.
6. Experience - Now your home is ready to be lived in. Enjoy your New Effortless Lifestyle.

Featured Works